What to Watch Out For with Training Shoes this 2016

crossfit sneakersActivities such as playing sports require perfect body gear for precision and good performance. Take it from someone who loves to play sports such as basketball, badminton and even soccer; there is a huge difference between the comfort that you feel and the level of your performance when you are wearing the right clothing when playing a game. This would include the shoes that you wear. The mentioned games earlier depend extensively on the way your feet moves and if you are wearing shoes that are not fitted for such events, you’ll be uncomfortable and you’ll feel uneasiness resulting to poor performance.

Speaking of which, the year 2016 will be filled with a lot of news and features to watch out for in terms of sports gears such as shoes. Of course, the idea of minimalism will still remain, but it’s quite exciting to take a look at what to watch out for this year for the already famous and rising brands of sports and training shoes. Whether you are looking for the best cross training shoes or simply looking for something decent to wear, you’ll definitely want to know what I have for you.

The All-time Great: All Star Converse

There is no doubt that if there is any brand that can last forever, it would be the All-star Converse brand. I have some pairs under this famous name for both sports and training shoes and I must admit I was surprised to see that a character in a future-based movie was actually wearing one. If you have seen the movie “I: Robot” by the renowned actor Will Smith, you should have seen the scene when he was revealed to be walking around wearing All Star Converse shoes. That’s quite amazing and in my own opinion, it adds to the popularity of this brand. So what makes this brand extra special? Here are some salient features you might want to know:

• Can last forever
• Can hold the foot in place
• Flat and stable soles
• Firm and non-compressing

You’ll probably love these especially when you are still very active in playing all sorts of sports. Still thinking about that CrossFit shoes of yours? Make sure it has a decent name and features to boast.

Retro Sneakers/Soccer Shoes

If there is one sport that gives enough emphasis on the importance of a player’s foot and the gear used to protect and use it, it would be soccer. It’s actually one of my favorite sports but I never got the chance to play to any major games. But that does not mean I don’t have soccer shoes in my closet. You want to know why I keep and use them.
Here are some of my reasons:

• The shoes have light weight. You might even feel and say “barely there” when asked about how you feel about wearing retro sneakers.
• It features precise fit for your feet.
• You can feel your toes can actually reach the ground if you move them further down. That’s actually an unbelievable, amazing but real feature that retro sneakers do have.

Luna Sandals and Xero Shoes

If you are into weight lifting, which by the way I tried for quite some time, you must have experienced lifting weights with bare foot. One of the reasons that this practice is accepted is that it helps the lifter have a firmer grip on the surface of the floor, avoiding slips that might cause injuries. But today, Luna Sandals and Xero Shoes will definitely have a good shot at finally eliminating the need for weight lifters to go barefoot. But before continuing, it’s wise to know the features of these gears as well.

• Makes you have stronger feet that helps in your weight lifting
• Light feel and light weight as well.
• Easy to put on and remove
• Does not make you feel uneasy when walking with weights

Bodybuilding is one activity that should be done with extreme caution. If the lifter is careless, it can cause accidents which might lead to injuries and even death. So what’s the perfect way to prepare you properly? Make sure your body is in good condition and your feet are wearing the right gear when you are in a session involving weights.
These are just some of the things that you should watch out for this 2016 when it comes to your training and sports shoes. Sure there are lots of brands and models being endorsed by a lot of famous athletes such as Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Leonel Messi and many more. But you have to remember that their feet, their feeling and their needs differ from that of yours. With that being said, it is not wise to always pattern your purchases based on what they tell you to buy.

What is best for you is to visit various shops and try out different brands. Finally, look for the foot gear that would provide you with all the comfort that you need to perform well on various sports that you want to play. Remember that above having good shoes to display and show to everyone, you have to consider what you feel when the time comes that you will will use and put them to work.

There you have it. These are just few of the things you need to know when it comes to shoes and sandals. In the end, you’ll be the one to make the choice on which ones to buy depending on your needs. Whether you love basketball like me or loves to have a little game or soccer or build your body like a body builder, it is important you prepare your proper gear. That’s one preparation you’ll need in order to do well, unless you plan to mess your game and have pure fun at all.


Make the right choices and avoid being influenced by commercials that you repeatedly see. You’ll end up better listening to the opinion of your friends who play the same sport that you do. If you don’t have any, you can try the try-and-try and select method. Visit various stores, look for the one and buy them for you. Don’t let others ruin your game by following their pattern with the gear that they use. Read more at http://crossfitshoesexpert.com/category/best-crossfit-shoes-for-men/

What to Watch Out For with Training Shoes this 2016

How to choose the right kind of training shoes?

crossfit-olympic-weight-lifting-shoesAre you just a sports person or good sports person? Thinking!! Okay, the answer to my question and then I’ll tell, you’re a good sports person or not. Do you have right kind of training shoes with you? If you say NO to this question, then you’re not a good sportsman, because a good sports person should have right kind of training shoes.

You may not aware of the importance choose the right kind of training shoes so that you have only normal shoes for your practice right!! No problem, I’m here for helping you in this. In this article, I’m going to discuss with you on the subject of the importance of training shoes and how to choose the right one.

How to choose the right kind of training shoes?

Sports are very important for people these days to stay fit and healthily and it also helps to get high muscle strength. On another hand, a different type of sports requires various kinds of shoes. At the same time, without the right kind of shoes, you can’t able to practice well. Moreover, without the right kind of training shoes, you will get problems and injuries on your foot and knee.

Factors you should consider while choosing training shoes:

Training shoes are mainly designed for jogging, walking, aerobics and like more and it also made with lighter than all other shoes, because of low impact exercises. A right kind of training shoes provides more durability, flexibility and cushioning. In order to offer these facilities for the sports person, training shoes are manufactured with soft and sweat absorbing materials.
If you too want all those features, then you need to check the following factors on the training shoes while paying for it.

#1: Check various styles

There are hundreds are styles and models available in the category of training shoes for you. As a buyer, you should try all these types of models, so that you can get some idea of styles and can able to choose the right pair of training shoes.

#2: Check the kind of material

Outer appearance gives good looking, but inner factors give more durability. So, besides the styles of training shoes, you also have to make sure that the pair of shoes is made with good quality of materials. So, you can get stability and support from training shoes for your activities.

#3: Check for perfect size

We all know that several kind of brands are available with the training shoes and also sizes of these brands are varies from one to other. So, don’t fix the size after trying of a single brand. At the same time, make sure the size is not, tight or loose and fix with the perfect size for your foot.

#4: Make a trail

Once you have chosen the suitable pair of training shoes for you; just wear and walk for few seconds, so that you can check how it fits into your activities.
Hence, choose the right kind of training shoes to become a good sports person.

How to choose the right kind of training shoes?

What is the best shoe for cross fit training?

best sneakers for crossfitDo you need shoes for CrossFit training? If your workout routine includes activities like weight lifting, aerobics, kick boxing etc., you need a good pair of CrossFit training shoes that will provide you maximum support for your alternating exercises. CrossFit training is an interval training program where every part of your body gets some kind of training and exercise. Weight, shock absorption, and ventilation are only few of the factors that one considers when purchasing shoes for cross fit training. If your exercise routine is very heavy and requires you to put in a lot of work, it is mandatory that you invest some money in a great pair of shoes that will support your hard work.

How should you pick the best shoe for CrossFit training? Here is a guide to help you:

Determine your foot type

  • It is important to purchase shoes based on your foot type to improve your work out.
  • Not wearing the correct kind of shoes when exercising can cause numerous health problems later in life.
  • Some common problems include runner’s knee, and an early onset of the dreaded arthritis.
  • Shoes designed for specific foot type will reduce the impact on your feet and improve structural alignment as well as performance.
  • Go to a podiatrist who will examine your foot and determine your foot type. This will help you pick the right shoe for your intense workout.

Invest in a nice pair of CrossFit socks

  • It is not important to just invest in the right pair of shoes, it is equally necessary to own a pair of CrossFit socks that go with it.
  • No one wants to deal with sweaty feet during exercise. Many people don’t like the idea of excessive sweat not only because it is uncomfortable but also because it can cause skin infections and blisters later.
  • Invest in smart, athletic CrossFit socks that go with the intense workout routine your body has to follow.
  • Select moisture management material that will remove all the annoying sweat from your skin.
  • Do not go with the “one size fits all” approach and instead choose a specific size for your feet. This will be comfortable around the toe region and eliminate irritation.

Go with what feels the most comfortable

  • Some people like minimalist CrossFit shoes that are not too fancy while others prefer a little extra.
  • If you appreciate extra support, choose a pair that offers the same as opposed to the minimalist idea.
  • Minimalist shoes are totally flat and almost provide the feel of using the barefoot shoes.
  • Maximum support shoes, on the other hand, provide a cushioned sole for more comfort.

Now that you know what you should look out in shoes when choosing a pair for your workout and exercise routine, you can pick the best shoe for CrossFit.

What is the best shoe for cross fit training?