What is the best shoe for cross fit training?

best sneakers for crossfitDo you need shoes for CrossFit training? If your workout routine includes activities like weight lifting, aerobics, kick boxing etc., you need a good pair of CrossFit training shoes that will provide you maximum support for your alternating exercises. CrossFit training is an interval training program where every part of your body gets some kind of training and exercise. Weight, shock absorption, and ventilation are only few of the factors that one considers when purchasing shoes for cross fit training. If your exercise routine is very heavy and requires you to put in a lot of work, it is mandatory that you invest some money in a great pair of shoes that will support your hard work.

How should you pick the best shoe for CrossFit training? Here is a guide to help you:

Determine your foot type

  • It is important to purchase shoes based on your foot type to improve your work out.
  • Not wearing the correct kind of shoes when exercising can cause numerous health problems later in life.
  • Some common problems include runner’s knee, and an early onset of the dreaded arthritis.
  • Shoes designed for specific foot type will reduce the impact on your feet and improve structural alignment as well as performance.
  • Go to a podiatrist who will examine your foot and determine your foot type. This will help you pick the right shoe for your intense workout.

Invest in a nice pair of CrossFit socks

  • It is not important to just invest in the right pair of shoes, it is equally necessary to own a pair of CrossFit socks that go with it.
  • No one wants to deal with sweaty feet during exercise. Many people don’t like the idea of excessive sweat not only because it is uncomfortable but also because it can cause skin infections and blisters later.
  • Invest in smart, athletic CrossFit socks that go with the intense workout routine your body has to follow.
  • Select moisture management material that will remove all the annoying sweat from your skin.
  • Do not go with the “one size fits all” approach and instead choose a specific size for your feet. This will be comfortable around the toe region and eliminate irritation.

Go with what feels the most comfortable

  • Some people like minimalist CrossFit shoes that are not too fancy while others prefer a little extra.
  • If you appreciate extra support, choose a pair that offers the same as opposed to the minimalist idea.
  • Minimalist shoes are totally flat and almost provide the feel of using the barefoot shoes.
  • Maximum support shoes, on the other hand, provide a cushioned sole for more comfort.

Now that you know what you should look out in shoes when choosing a pair for your workout and exercise routine, you can pick the best shoe for CrossFit.

What is the best shoe for cross fit training?

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